Leadership Development Program

We will be accepting applicants for the 2021 NASPD Leadership Development Program beginning January 1, 2021.

2019 NASPD Leadership Development Program

Statement of Purpose

The NASPD Leadership Development Program offers pipe distribution professionals an exclusive opportunity to enhance and build their leadership practices while also delving into the inner workings of the NASPD. The program provides participants the necessary and relevant tools to develop into future leaders within their company and the industry as a whole.


  • To help participants grow as leaders within their company, within the NASPD, and in the industry at large.
  • To assure that the participants gain leadership skills that they can use in their own business.
  • To have the participants become more active in the NASPD and to take on the future NASPD leadership responsibilities.
  • To help bridge the gap of knowledge and history between NASPD’s current leaders (many of whom are nearing retirement) and upcoming pipe distribution industry leaders.

Future Leader Responsibilities

  • Commit to attend the three leadership development meetings and the following NASPD conferences during the 2019 calendar year.
  • Fully participate in the NASPD Leadership Development Program.
  • Participate in a class project that will be presented to the NASPD membership at the 2020 NASPD Annual Convention.
  • Participate in at least one NASPD committee.

Leader Development Candidates

The NASPD will select a limited number of emerging industry professionals to participate in the NASPD Leadership Development Program. Any NASPD Member CEO can nominate someone to participate in the Leadership Development Program.

Program Cohort

The Leadership Development Program cohort is to include members with geographical, demographic, and professional diversity, and will focus on maximizing their leadership potential within their company and the NASPD.


The Leadership Development Program cohort will meet prior to the three 2019 NASPD conferences.  Leadership Development Program meetings will begin mid-day on the Wednesday before the regularly scheduled NASPD conferences and will end mid-day Thursday.  Participants will be expected to join a NASPD committee and contribute to that committee at the Thursday afternoon committee meetings.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Opportunity is open to current employees of NASPD member companies.
  • Candidates should have at least three years of continuous experience in the steel pipe industry at the nominating NASPD member company or alternatively at least seven years of total experience in the steel pipe industry.
  • Candidates should preferably be part of the leadership team or on a leadership track at their current employer.
  • Candidates must demonstrate the ability to contribute to the Leadership Development Program in a meaningful way.
  • Candidates must demonstrate interest in future leadership within the NASPD.
  • Candidates must have their member company’s CEO sponsor them.
  • No company can have more than one participant in the 2019 NASPD Leadership Development Program although multiple candidates can be nominated from one member company.

Program Fee

The cost is $1,500 for each selected participant to attend the Leadership Development Program. The NASPD will be subsidizing the additional cost of the program.

Creation of the Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program has been created by the NASPD with assistance by Leadership Consultant, Joe Synan:

Joe has designed and facilitated leadership development programs at the University of Notre Dame, Rice University, and the LBJ School at the University of Texas, as well as for numerous for profit and not for profit community organizations. He had a corporate career of almost twenty years, and was the National President of a community leadership non-profit organization, the American Leadership Forum. Please see below for more information on the Leadership Development Program.

2019 NASPD Leadership Development Program Information

2019 NASPD Leadership Development Program Curriculum