Dues & Fees

Membership Classes

Regular Member

A regular member shall be a business enterprise whose principal steel pipe or other tubular steel products distribution business is located in the United States, its territories and possessions, Canada or Mexico; which maintains a minimum inventory of not less than 1000 net tons or which derives at least 1/3 of its revenues with a minimum inventory of 500 net tons from the sales of steel pipe or oilier tubular products, which maintains and operates one or more fixed site distribution facilities, whether owned, leased, or rented and which purchases for its own account and maintains an on-going investment in an inventory of steel pipe or other tubular products.

Associate Member

An associate member shall be a business enterprise that is engaged in the manufacturing of steel, steel pipe or other tubular products; or manufactures or sells steel pipe related goods or equipment; or provides and sells steel pipe value-added processing services; or is engaged in selling or trading of steel pipe or other tubular products and has actively traded or sold a minimum of 2500 net tons of tubular products in the preceding year.

Professional Affiliate Member

A professional affiliate member shall be a business enterprise that does not qualify in any of the other three membership classes, and provides products or services to regular members of the NASPD, or is a not-for-profit organization addressing issues similar to those important to the NASPD, however, in any case, a business enterprise, which derives a majority of their sales revenue via sales over the Internet or via auctions, may not be a member of the NASPD.

Continuing Member

A continuing member shall be an individual that has no direct or indirect financial or management responsibility in a business entity that would otherwise qualify for regular or associate membership; and has been a regular or associate member for a minimum of five years; and is retired or would otherwise like to remain involved.

Actual Dues and Fees

The NASPD dues structure is based on the number of company employees involved in the steel pipe and tubular products distribution industry or related businesses.

Regular Members*

  • 1-25 Employees – $950/year
  • 26-99 Employees – $1050/year
  • 100+ Employees – $1,200/year

Associate and Professional Affiliate Members*

  • 1-25 Employees – $1,050/year
  • 26-99 Employees – $1,150/year
  • 100+ Employees – $1,300/year

Continuing Members

  • Per Person – $100/year

*$150 application fee