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Uploading Your Profile Picture

To add or change your profile picture, follow these instructions.

The default user icon is shown for the profile picture. Click the edit icon () which is located in the upper right hand corner of the default image.

A blue lightbox will open on your screen. You can click inside the box to select a file on your computer or drag an image from a folder on your computer to the center of the box. The upload will begin. For larger images, be patient.

One the image appears in the blue box. You need to select the portion of the image you would like to appear as your icon. Click and drag with your mouse a box around the desirable portion of the image. The box can be resized by selecting the corners and dragging. The box will always be proportionally square. If you skip this step your final image may be distorted or squeezed.

When you are satisfied, click the check mark () to close the upload window. Then click the button “UPDATE AVATAR” to save your work and add the picture to your account.

Your final image will be square and appear like the image shown.

You can click the undo button () to revert or you can click the delete button () to remove the image.