Strategic Metal Solutions – Coach’s Corner #53       

Coach’s Corner #53                                                                                   July 1, 2019

Are leaders fearless?  I would suggest that all people regardless of how confidently brave they are, struggle with fear.

Fear is a toxic emotion that can paralyze you from moving forward.  It can rob you of sleep and even create confusion in decision making where all the ‘what if’ scenarios essentially freeze every creative cell in your being.

How can we courageously make decisions without any fear of failure?  I believe well informed decisions where the odds are strongly in your favor should proceed without any doubt, worry, or fear.

What are you afraid of and how can you trade fear for courage?  William Wallace in Braveheart said, ‘men don’t follow titles, they follow courage’.    That courage may simply be coming back from a bad decision or pulling yourself together quickly after a disaster strikes (and it will).  Your employees may not remember your memos on this or that, but they will always remember the fearless action you took against all odds because it was simply the right thing to do.

Courage stems from preparation (well informed decisions) and the sheer guts to take a stand because your core values have shouted so.  Someone defined FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.  That false evidence can be defeated by embracing what’s right and stewarding the best interest of those you lead.

Have a great 4th of July.  Our forefathers could have let fear stop them from leading us to independence and we’d still be a colony of England, but they didn’t!

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