2020 Convention - Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Base Policies & Requirements


  • Note, identification information must be submitted in advance to allow time for security checks. No one will be permitted to attend the dinner if they have not submitted this identification information to NASPD by Jan. 8, 2020.

  • For Domestic Attendees: Submit first and last legal name, middle initial, date of birth, sex, ID State and ID number to NASPD by Jan. 8, 2020.

  • For International Attendees: Submit first and last legal name, middle initial, date of birth, sex, country of origin, and passport number to NASPD by Jan. 8, 2020.

  • All guests are required to have some form of photo identification.

  • All groups must arrive in motor coaches. We submit to base names of all our vendors expected for the evening. Guests cannot arrive in privately owned vehicles. Group is met by military escorts and/or base staff at the gate.

  • Announcements and invitations to guests must wait until after base approval.

  • We need to allow the squadron to sell souvenir items at event. Without squadrons dedicating their time, aircraft, color guard, and hangar spaces, etc. these events would not be possible.

  • MCAS Miramar, government, and the special event department can’t be held responsible for any production delays or relocation expenses caused by operational readiness or demands or security issues on base.

  • Military participation is based on availability, security status, world and operational situations and are voluntary in nature. Officer participation and display of aircraft again are volunteer and cannot be guaranteed.

  • There is a zero-tolerance policy on drugs for everyone on base. Possession or use will result in event being terminated.

  • All smoking must take place in designated areas.

  • Groups are prohibited from advertising through any medium, i.e. television, radio, newspaper and trade publication. No company logos/projections may be displayed on the outside of any hangars.

  • Specific hangar assignments may be requested but not guaranteed for the event and once assigned they may be changed without notice.

  • If numbers fall below required minimum on a hangar event, MCAS Miramar reserves the right to relocate group to another event space.