Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission 

To provide a participative environment and forum for members to network, communicate, educate and promote the steel pipe and tube industry.

 NASPD Core Values

Integrity, Dedication, Community, Education, Camaraderie 

Core Value Behaviors
Open and frequent discussions about honesty and integrity in business
Determined practice of integrity in business
Written and expressed code of ethics
Continued focus on sustainability
Long tenure of membership
Consistent presence and participation of current members and former leaders
Sharing ideas that would benefit others – not self-serving
Seeking help without any repercussions
Coming together as a group to discuss and understand industry wide issues – regardless of self-interest
Mentorship of fellow members
Providing resources and developing programs to ensure professional growth
Committed to keeping members informed
Relationships beyond NASPD activities
Welcoming to new and existing members
Inclusive, non-judgmental environment