Knowles-Rubenstein Award

Art Shelton - 2019 NASPD Knowles-Rubenstein Recipient

The NASPD Award of Excellence was established by the NASPD Board of Directors in 1995 to recognize distinguished service to the Association by individual members. The award is given solely on merit and the recipients are chosen by the Knowles-Rubenstein Award Committee. Art Shelton is the Director of Purchasing for Kelly Pipe Co., LLC and was chosen as the 2019 Knowles-Rubenstein Recipient. Art has remained an active member of the NASPD for many years and continues to provide leadership throughout the association.

The Knowles-Rubenstein Award of Excellence is awarded to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Unusually productive service to the NASPD over a substantial period of time.
  • Demonstration of marked leadership in administrative or special activities at any level of NASPD operation.
  • Outstanding contribution, service or activity that has enhanced the prestige and advanced the interest of the NASPD.


Previous Knowles-Rubenstein Recipients are:

  • Art Shelton – 2019
  • Samuel J. “Bud” Segal – 2015
  • Bill Buckland – 2011
  • Gerald Merfish – 2005
  • John Mocker – 2003
  • Don Karchmer – 2002
  • André Crispin – 2001
  • Earle Cohen – 2000
  • Joe Bergfeld – 1998
  • Craig Peterson – 1997
  • Bob Rau – 1996