Present & Past Presidents

Current NASPD President 2019-2021


Randy Hurst

Randy Hurst is the owner and President of Challenger Pipe & Steel, LLC, located in Spokane Valley, Washington. In March of 2019, Randy became President of the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors and Chairman of the NASPD Executive Committee. In addition, to his role as president and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Randy remains active on all NASPD committees and continues to provide strategic leadership throughout the association and its members.





Past NASPD Presidents 1975-2019

Year Name Company
** Deceased
2017-2019  Bruce Haupt  Independent Pipe
2015-2017  Art Shelton  Kelly Pipe Co., LLC
2013-2015  Dolty Cheramie  Pipe Exchange LTD
2011-2013  Balor Moore  Brittex Intl. Pipe Supply
2009-2011  Bill Buckland  Mandal Pipe Company
2007-2009  Dianne Burger  CPW America Co.
2005-2007  Greg Semmel  Omega Steel Co.
2003-2005  Robert Griggs  Trinity Products, Inc.
2001-2003  Gerald Merfish  N. Merfish Supply Co.
1999-2001  John Mocker  Lally Pipe & Tube
1998-1999  Donald B. Karchmer  International Pipe & Supply Co.
1997-1998  Bonnie Andrews  Frank Pipe Company
1996-1997  Marvin Day  Tad USA. Inc.
1995-1996  David Nicoli  D.P. Nicoli, Inc.
1994-1995  Craig Peterson  Pipe & Tube, Inc.
1993-1994  Roy A. Herman  UNR Leavitt, Inc.
1992-1993  James E. Walters, Jr.  P & W Industries, Inc.
1990-1992  Robert N. Rau**  BBL CO. 
1989-1990  Al Rakers  Tubular Steel, Inc.
1988-1989  Arie Euser  Van Leeuwen Pipe & Tube Corp.
1987-1988  Andre Crispin**  The Crispin Co.
1986-1987  Steve Livingston  Pioneer Steel & Tube Corp
1985-1986  Charles Jewett  Tubacero International Corp.
1984-1985  Jack Adams  Midway Supply Co.
1983-1984  Joseph Bergfeld  Pittsburgh Pipe
1982-1983  Clarence Troyer**
1981-1982  Carl Arnold**
1980-1981  Samuel J. (Bud) Segal**
1979-1980  Robert Jacobson  KDC Pipe & Steel, Inc.
1978-1979  Ben Shanker  Jan Pipe & Supply Co.
1977-1978  Jack Bender**  Cactus Pipe & Supply Co. 
1976-1977  Samuel J. (Bud) Segal**
1975-1976  Earle Cohen  Kelly Pipe Co.