Leadership Development Program

2022 NASPD Leadership Development Program



2022 NASPD Leadership Development Program Packet

2022 NASPD Leadership Development Program Application Form

Watch Video - Ruth Mitchell, Wholesaler Magazine, and Dr. Don McNeeley, Chicago Tube & Iron, discuss the state of PVF, a leadership shortage and the importance of developing leaders in the industry.


The key purpose of the NASPD Leadership Development Program is to foster the training of future industry and future NASPD leadership. The NASPD Leadership Development Program will offer to deserving young professionals an exclusive opportunity for leadership training, networking, and professional development. In addition to working closely with a professional leadership trainer, Leadership Development participants will be assigned an industry mentor, learn more about the NASPD, and be encouraged to have a voice in the NASPD’s future. Attendees from last year reported that the event was valuable to their transition into leadership within their organizations. Next year's event will incorporate feedback from last year's participants to provide an even greater impact. This is a great way to show your interest in future leadership opportunities within the NASPD and become an industry leader.

Program participant’s responsibilities:

• Attend all three Leadership Development Program meetings (coinciding with the NASPD convention and summer/fall conferences)
• Attend class graduation/presentation of class project at the NASPD annual convention subsequent to final Leadership Development Program meeting.
• Identify innovative methods for professional growth and development of new NASPD program ideas.
• Develop a class project or report or to be presented to the NASPD membership at the subsequent NASPD Annual Convention


The Leadership Development Program will meet at three consecutive NASPD meetings and the subsequent Annual Convention. The first class will meet just prior to the 2022 NASPD Annual Convention with subsequent class days at the NASPD Summer and Fall Conferences. Each session will work to build on the lessons learned in the previous session as well as the attendees' experiences putting lessons into practice.

Program Diversity:

The Leadership Development Program is to include members with geographical, demographic and professional diversity with a focus on potential future industry leaders.

Application Process:

Please complete the attached application. The NASPD Leadership Development Program will be offered to a minimum of 7 or a maximum of 12 deserving young professionals.* The application needs to be signed by the applicant’s NASPD Member Contact—by signing the application, the Member Contact is confirming the payment of the program costs and ensuring that the applicant will attend the 4 required class meetings.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Candidates must be a current employee of a NASPD member.
• Candidates must have at least three (3) years of experience in the steel pipe industry.
• Candidates must demonstrate the ability to meaningfully contribute to the program.
• Candidates must demonstrate interest in future leadership within the NASPD.
• NASPD Member Contact must sign application and confirm payment of program fees and applicant attending the 4 class meetings.

*In the event the minimum sign-up is not met, the NASPD reserves the right to alter the program schedule.